AAM was born from 20+ years of successful property development, through sister company
Argyle Estates Ltd. Our objective is to maximise value, create cost savings and minimise risk
at every opportunity for our clients.

Through applying key principles, our focus is to increase returns, maximise value and reduce risk at every opportunity for the benefit of our clients. AAM provides asset and facilities management services to commercial property owners throughout New Zealand. We are a boutique company offering a professional and personalised service covering the retail, office and industrial property sectors.

Our team has more than 75 years’ experience within the many sectors of commercial property

Such as Property Management, Facilities Management, Property Development, Property Investment and Commercial Real Estate Agency.


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M: +64 22 657 3121


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E: [email protected]
M: +64 22 657 3121


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At AAM we ensure the ownership of commercial property is a stress-free experience

We pride ourselves on providing a boutique and personalised property management service. Our expert team will handle all of the day-to-day tasks required through commercial property investment, and provide advice and strategies to achieve the long term goals we set for your property or portfolio.

Lease Management

From sourcing new tenants, negotiating new leases, or undertaking rent reviews with existing tenants..

Rent & Arrears Collection

We can collect rent and OPEX on your behalf, through a dedicated Trust Account. We provide regular..

Expense Budgeting

Whether you require a new budget, or updates to existing budgeting systems, we will review your property..

Facilities Management

We provide a full-service solution through leading Facilities Management providers who specialise in..

Insurance Procurement & Claim Management

Unless you have a preferred broker/under writer, we source competitive policies..

Health & Safety Compliance

We take away the ongoing burden of compliance with Health & Safety regulations. We provide..

Building Warrant of Fitness & Compliance

We take away the headache around compliance. We look after all regular inspections and..

Regular Inspections & Reporting

Our property and facilities managers have a rigorous inspection program, providing owners with a..

Financial Management

AAM provide in-house property accounting service to ensure the financial management..

Body Corporate

At AAM we not only manage several body corporates, we liaise with the independent Body Corporates..


We work closely with our clients to assist with securing the right properties to add to their portfolios..


AAM are highly technology focused and employ the latest in automated cloud-based software that puts us..

What our clients say

Our investment syndicate has been impressed in the way Argyle has taken over the management of our building, developed and implemented upgrades, and built rapport with the tenants. Their team has made ownership a stress-free experience.


GRQ Limited Partnership

Argyle has performed admirably, whilst managing my investments and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. I find them to always be one step ahead, and their property and investment advice is highly valuable.


Graeme – Mozart Nominees

I really appreciate the personal service I get from Argyle. They provide faultless expertise and are always ready and willing to go the extra mile to help ensure that we are making the best business decisions.


NBC Investments

Frequently Asked Questions

How will AAM help Landlord’s manage their obligations under the new Health & Safety Act?

Under the new Health & Safety Act landlords, tenants and contractors have a shared responsibility to ensure safe workplaces. AAM manage stakeholder’s obligations by preparing a Health & Safety Report and Hazard Register for each property. Our Facilities Management provider have all the relevant checks and processes in place ensuring a layer of protection between contractors and tenants & owners. All our staff a site safe accredited.

What happens when you become an AAM client?

We first audit the property to determine its physical condition and the management structure in place. From there we will provide a report summarising our findings and present these to you with recommendations on what changes can be made to achieve better property management outcomes.

What sets AAM apart from other Property Management providers?

When you become an AAM client we conduct a full review of your property to understand its current state of management. We look at what property management, property accounting and facilities management processes are in place and identify areas where we can add value. A report is provided to the owner summarising the key findings and a management plan is in place. Lastly, we induct the property into our management structure and implement that plan.

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