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How will AAM help Landlord’s manage their obligations under the new Health & Safety Act?
Under the new Health & Safety Act landlords, tenants and contractors have a shared responsibility to ensure safe workplaces. AAM manage stakeholder’s obligations by preparing a Health & Safety Report and Hazard Register for each property. Our Facilities Management provider have all the relevant checks and processes in place ensuring a layer of protection between contractors and tenants & owners. All our staff a site safe accredited.
What happens when you become an AAM client?
We first audit the property to determine its physical condition and the management structure in place. From there we will provide a report summarising our findings and present these to you with recommendations on what changes can be made to achieve better property management outcomes.
What sets AAM apart from other Property Management providers?
When you become an AAM client we conduct a full review of your property to understand its current state of management. We look at what property management, property accounting and facilities management processes are in place and identify areas where we can add value. A report is provided to the owner summarising the key findings and a management plan is in place. Lastly, we induct the property into our management structure and implement that plan.
How do you provide us with records and information?
We are highly technology focused and employ the latest in automated cloud based software that puts us ahead of the competition. We are able to provide clients a landlord portal where they can access in real-time information on their portfolio.
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